Off The Job Learning Hours (OTJL)

Over the course of your apprenticeship, you will need to undertake 20% of your PAID hours as off the job learning. Your employer agreed to this when they signed the paperwork for you to be an apprentice. (Your college attendance counts towards your Off The Job Learning (OTJL) hours and this time is to paid by your employer.)

To help you determine what is considered as OTJL, this PDF will help you.

In order to complete your apprenticeship, you have to demonstrate that you have undertaken 20% off the job learning for the duration of the apprenticeship. To help you, this spreadsheet has been created for you to complete. At the end of each month, you will need to print the relevant month, get your employer to sign it, get your assessor to sign it, and then upload it to Smart Assessor.

You are responsible to demonstrate the 20% OTJL and you cannot complete the apprenticeship without sufficient evidence – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.

The hours for this academic year have been added to the spreadsheet. If you spend longer on a Wednesday studying, then you will need to increase the amount above that entered. Conversely, if you miss a week at college, you will need to remove the college hours and make those up.

OTJL can include revision, attending a course, reading a technical magazine/website, or watching a technical you tube video. The following you tube channels are examples (and recommended) for learning and watching them will count as OTJL –

When you do watch/read for learning, put the activity details (with link if appropriate), record the time in Hours and minutes using the format hh:mm, and finally briefly record what you learnt.