General Resources

Print the following three documents and stick above your desk to review every day. You need to recall the information on these sheets from memory for the A+ exam.

Common TCP/IP Ports

The DHCP DORA process

Laser Printing Process

Project/Evidence Template

Structure and layout for projects/evidence

Very Helpful Websites

Professor Messer Video channel

W3Schools (Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, SQL etc)

Other Useful documents

Apprenticeship Standards Guidance

Daily Log (You need to keep one)

Troubleshooting Form

Job Feedback Form

Acronyms (you dont need to remember all of these!)

Memory and Processors

Wikipedia entry on memory cards

PC Configurations

Legislation Basics

Backup Summary

Example Guide/Instruction Document (any work you produce needs to be of a professional standard.)

City and Guilds Qualification Handbooks

Award in Cloud Services

Award in Mobile and Operating Systems

Award in Coding and Logic

Award in Business Processes

CompTiA Registration

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