Digital Marketing – Coding and Logic

City and Guilds – 9628-11 Principles of Coding (Digital Marketer)

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Module Outline

9628-11 Level 3 Award in the Principles of Coding

Week 1  (4th Feb 2022) – Outcome 1.1, Logic

The Software Development Lifecycle



Simple Program Design

Week 2 (11th Feb 2022) – Outcome 1.2, Coding Languages – Outcome 1.3, Compatibility of Code

Web Languages

Compatibility and Accessibility

Week 3 (18th Feb 2022) – Outcome 2.1, Hardware & Software Components

Hardware and Software Components

Confessions of a cyber spy video – recommended following a class question. You do not need to remember any of the information contained in the video for your assessment, it is for information purposes only.

Week 4 (25th Feb 2022) – Outcome 2.2, Protocols – Outcome 2.3, Web Technologies

Protocols and Technologies


End of session Test