Classroom Mobile Phone Etiquette

  • Ensure all mobile phones are switch off (preferably) or at least switched to silent
  • Phones must be in your bag or pocket, not out – charge your phone the night before so it doesn’t need to be out and plugged in at your desk.
  • If you forget to charge your phone, you will be able to charge it at the front of the classroom on the tutors PC – away from your PC. You will need to provide the charging cable.
  • If you get your phone out during the session, you will be requested to bring it to the front and leave it on the tutors desk for collection at the breaks and at the end of the session.

The rules will be adhered too and there will be no warnings as you will be reminded before the session starts – that is more than reasonable warning.

On rare occasions, personal emergencies may require you to have access to your phone during a session. If that is the case, you will need to inform the tutor prior to the session start so that agreement can be made on what is acceptable.

Failure to comply with the above will result in you being asked to leave the room for that day. A discussion will then be arranged with you and your supervisor to discuss why these simple rules cannot be followed and why you think that it is acceptable to use your phone during the session.